I'm always so very happy when the weather on Easter matches the subject matter! Rebirth, springtime, rejoicing—they CAN happen in the rain and snow, but how much better to have a sunshiney day! 

We didn't take pictures with our bunny like we have the last few years (more's the pity) but the girls did sleep in curlers, so they were extra bouncy and hoppy all day, and that's something, at least! And we did hunt for eggs at my mom's house. In all these many, many years since I was a little girl, we have never hidden plastic eggs with candy—or money—or prizes—in them: no, just plain old hard-boiled eggs (but colored, of course) and I like how that makes it all about the HIDING and FINDING—just for the sake of HIDING and FINDING. It's quite exciting enough as it is!

(Here are a couple other Easters of yesteryear: here and here)

I couldn't get enough of these bouncing curls as we walked to church. :)
I just couldn't resist getting these bunny tights at Target, even though I never buy sheer tights like this for little girls because they wear out too fast! And sure enough, by the end of the day—these were all ruined by holes and runs. So…let that be a lesson to me. They sure were cute while they lasted, though!
A great deal of twirling. And those flying ringlets!
Teddy was trying to twirl, too.

Pat-pat-pat the tulips! (That's how Teddy tells himself to be gentle)

And the egg hunters at my mom's house:
Abe's a good egg hider now that he's so tall! My nephew Mark was there with us too, and it was SO STRANGE to have him there looking, sounding, and acting so much like my brother Karl. I think he even picked the same hiding spots Karl used to pick. Karl and yet not-Karl. It was like going back in time. Very surreal!

Theodore, after being told not to go into the driveway
But don't worry; his day did improve after that.

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  1. Goldie looked extra golden in all these photos. I loved her. Plus--curly hair!!! I loved it all!!!


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