Summer things and funny things

Seb attending to customers at the carwash

People gasping as the water hits them. I've always liked pictures of that.
We had a nest of baby robins in our tree, and Seb and Malachi kept close tabs on them until they left the nest. They were so cute and chirpy!
Cuties after church
An instructive trip to the Boise Penitentiary
Orange dragonfly!
Boise Botanical Garden

And a bunny we saw there!
The girls wanted short haircuts, so we went to a haircut place (where they talked their stylists' ears off!) I think they all turned out so cute! 
Abe and Sam both have new suits—and they both chose this handsome silvery grey color.
More suits.
Raspberry and blackberry picking at our neighbor's house
I made the best blackberry pie I've ever made.
It didn't ooze out the sides when you cut slices from it! I've never accomplished that feat before. I took a picture in case it never happens again.

And as a reward for reading this far, some recent cute things from Teddy:

• When he does something he wants you to be impressed with, he says in an awed tone, "How I can DO that?"
"Look Mommy, I'm kicking and kicking! How I can DO that?"

• (After reaching the light switch and turning off the light): "Look! I can turn on the light off!"

• (Reading a book about sharks): "Shark, shark, shark, the end."

• He talks ALL the time and is basically able to say anything anyone else says, but with the strangest sort of grammar:
"Daddy, are you got home?"
"Mommy, what do your green shirt is?"
"Daisy, time for eat!"
"There's the full of moon!"

• Sebastian told him to be careful crossing the street, and Teddy agreed knowledgeably, "Yeah, I have to be careful, because I don't want to get hit by a dump truck! Or a crane!"

• Sam told Teddy, "You should ask Goldie nicely to open the door. Just say, "Goldie, please open the door.'" Teddy went to the door and thought for a long time (obviously trying to remember what to say) and then finally tried, "Goldie, may I have some…open?"


  1. That car wash is ingenious! What fun for everyone. The girl's haircuts are adorable, and probably so much easier to take care of. Good thing you are writing down the "Samisms", you will have great fun reading them in ten years. Our children love to laugh over the funny things they said as they learned to talk. I keep a file of "Children's Funnies" with scraps of paper that I scribbled the sayings on as they happened so I wouldn't forget. We get it out at Family Reunions and have a good laugh remembering. Thanks for sharing.

    1. My mom had little books of our funny sayings too, and I love them! I try to write these down for my kids. I just have a note in my phone right now, that I try to copy into a real notebook for each kid every now and then. But I'm always afraid I'm forgetting so many things!

  2. Oh, isn't that stage of learning to talk so fun!?!? I have 2 two year olds right now, and it is truly double the pleasure. There are times I just laugh and laugh as they talk.

    Cute, cute haircuts on your girls! And what handsome men in your family!

    1. Two 2-year-olds! That's so great. I bet they play off each other too. Kids learning to talk from older kids is funny enough, but I bet when they're learning from each other, that's REALLY the blind leading the blind! :)

  3. Oh the haircuts!!! And especially Junie's little pixie cut! Ohhh so darling seeing them as suddenly new little slightly unfamiliar people! And I love Teddy's little sayings. Most of all "How I can DO that?"

    1. I do love Junie's pixie so much! It's so different.

      And of course we all say Teddy's sayings now. That's actually the first thing I said after having that stupid foot injury. I was sitting there on the ground with my legs all bleeding and starting to cry, and Abe was helping me up and I said, "How I can DO that?!" It all just seemed so...ridiculous. :)


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