Baptism and Fire

That title sounds like I must be saying "Baptism BY fire," which I guess would also be a good post, but what I really mean is that we had Daisy's baptism, and then that evening we went up the canyon and had a campfire for Seb's birthday. It was such a fun and happy day. Full of good things! First, the baptism, of course. Daisy was so bright and happy and glowing all day long! It made me smile just to look at her. We did her hair in Danish braids just like I had at MY baptism!
I'd gotten this white dress for her a few months earlier, so in June when the daisies were blooming by the lake, we went and took some pictures by them (as is our custom every year).

Oh how I love her. And her name. What name could be better? I'm sure there isn't one.
And then this August before the baptism, Junie and Daisy and I took a few pictures by the temple too. So fun.
After the baptismal service we had Belgian Sugar Waffles with homemade yogurt and lemon curd and strawberry sauce and cream, and before everyone got completely coated with strawberry sauce, we attempted a quick family picture on the porch. This one seemed pretty good. "This is everyone, right?" I kept saying.
Oops. Forgot Junie. We tried again. 
Well. Close enough.
It was so pretty at sunset in the canyon. And so nice to just sit and not do ANYTHING except watch the fire and listen to the birds and crickets, and see the kids going around and climbing on things and exploring.
And scraping their shins, of course.
Sam, working on two huge freelance projects at the same time, wasn't quite doing NOTHING…but at least he was doing it in a pretty location! Every time I tried to get a picture of him in his serious drawing-concentration mode, he sensed it and looked up at the camera. When I asked why, he said it was because he didn't want be captured looking like "THIS." "THIS" being…well, I will respect his wishes and not show you…but this is Sebastian's imitation of it:
Which Sam then imitated back.
That sparked a scourge of VERY silly faces. I tried, with minimal success, to be disapproving.
I love this. Teddy's dimply elbow and little hand on Malachi's shoulder.
This whole post is—possibly—just an excuse to put up pictures of Teddy eating marshmallows.
And firelight pictures, of course. We can't ever have enough of those!


  1. We have daughters the same age! What lovely series of pictures you've taken. I think it is hilarious that you got a shot with one child missing!!!! Once that happened to my sister's family, only it happened because her daughter was refusing to cooperate, so they took the picture without her and photoshopped her in later!! :)

    Congratulations on a wonderful milestone and a joyful celebration!!

    1. Hahaha. Photoshop! Great strategy for grumpy kids! :)

      And thank you! Eight-year-old girls are so fun, I'm discovering! :)

  2. Such a happy post. And the front porch! With everyone! Amazing. (Often, even at dinner, I'll think we are all there. And then someone will walk up from downstairs and ask why nobody told them dinner was ready.) I keep telling the kids that sooner or later we will in fact have to have a picture with all of us -- mom, dad and kids -- with everyone clean and wearing all their clothes and with hair brushed. But they all just scoff -- certain I'll never truly make them do it. I always think before church would be good as we all look fairly presentable. But Abe and Mike have meetings right before, or the girls go up early for choir, or we are all running late. But to manage it even once. Glorious!


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