I spent most of last week at Camp with twenty-one adorable young women.  It was SO beautiful.  Ever since I was a young woman myself, I have loved to go out running early so I can watch the sun come up (and enjoy the sweet, sweet quiet before the girls awaken).  When I came up over the top of a rise to see the valley just beginning to lighten below me, I'm afraid I may have started to sound like this guy. (Luckily there was no one around to hear.) 

There were lots of wildflowers.  I wish I'd had a book so I could identify them all, but I recognized columbines, forget-me-nots, sweet peas, lupines, and Queen Anne's lace.  These columbines were so pretty all by themselves in the greenery.

Lupines.  I planted some of these in my yard this year.
The sunsets were just as pretty as the sunrises.  I only wish I could have taken a picture of the starry skies!

[And just in case you're wondering where all the pictures of girls posing with flexed muscles and wearing underwear over their jeans are; don't worry, I have those too.]


  1. I watched the whole youtube video and I was laughing my head off! Was he high? Amazing. That's what nature will do you, though...and LSD.

  2. If I hold still right now, just for a little - just for a moment - I can feel it, that early morning, and hear it, and remember it. I wonder where that went in my life?


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