We spent a few days in San Diego last weekend for Sam to do some art demos at Comic-Con.  It was more of a business trip than I'd hoped (long hours inside the windowless, airless convention center, pushing a baby around in the stroller and trying to get her to fall asleep, or at least stop screaming)---but still really fun, and lots of interesting things to see.

We made it out to the beach a couple times.  The weather wasn't super warm but the waves were really big, and pretty.  Daisy was really nervous because they were so loud, but she cheered up once she was able to eat some sand.

The convention was pretty fun.  There were probably lots of things wasted on me (I kept seeing crowds congregate excitedly to see various celebrities who I didn't recognize/hadn't heard of, and I saw lots of costumes that left me quite confused) but the enthusiasm of it all was kind of infectious.  I did have to speak sternly to Sam when he slipped into calling it "Con" ["That shows a level of familiarity with all this I'm just not comfortable with, dear"].*  

*It's not because I'm too cool that I'm clueless about all of this comic-con stuff, by the way. I'm just nerdy in totally different arenas, that's all.

Sam divided his time between doing painting demonstrations and art critiques at two different booths, both of which were more towards the fine art side than the comics/pop-culture side of the spectrum, so I was kind of surprised at the big crowds that gathered to watch him.  He even had some fans of his blog that came just to see him.  Cool.  I love watching Sam work and could have happily stayed there for all 5 hours every day, listening to him discuss techniques and art principles.
Daisy's attention was less rapt, however, so we spent most of our time wandering the exhibit hall.  The crowds were huge, but it's not too hard to drift through them if you don't care where you're going or how fast you get there.  (Also, Daisy's crying occasionally acted as a siren, clearing a way for us.)  I didn't get pictures of even a fraction (well, I guess a fraction, but a very small one) of the costumes.  Half of them I had no idea what they were.  Half were very skimpy.  Half were Star Wars (Princess Leia's prisoner-of- Jabba-the-Hut cotsume was a popular one) and half were just . . . strange.  That's a lot of halves.  There was a truly excellent Indiana Jones and Indy's Father (honestly, I was sure it must be Sean Connery himself, except that he was too young) I didn't get a picture of.  I also really liked the pac-man guys.
All the displays at the Lego booth were cool.  They had big life-size Toy Story and Harry Potter guys, too.

The signs outside the convention center were weird, like this:
and when I pointed them out to Sam he said, "Oh, those are in Klingon."  I expressed some surprise at his familiarity with the Klingon tongue, to which he replied, "Well, I knew it would be Klingon or Elvish, and I knew it wasn't Elvish, so . . . "

Everyone we encountered loved Daisy.  You could tell it made some people (people who are not used to thinking about babies or cuteness at all---people dressed in black leather and chains and so forth) a little uncomfortable how cute she was.  But they found themselves smiling at her and talking to her anyway.  She charmed everyone.  My favorite was the guy who spent 15 minutes talking to her through the medium of his Yoda puppet.  "Much older than you am I, young one!  Nine hundred years old, I am!"  She bore it with patience.

We did manage to get up to Balboa Park for a morning, and see some pretty daisies (really interesting plantings; they were all different heights creating an undulating, wave-like effect) and other gardens.  I could spend all day in the rose garden there.  Beautiful.

We also ate at the same harbor-side restaurant we ate at on our honeymoon, nine years and four children ago.  It was really lovely in the evenings.  A bit chilly, but such gorgeous light.

So there you have it.  "Con" 2010.  Did YOU know that was Klingon?  If so . . . see you there next year? :)


  1. My favorite was the rebel warrior who was so tired he had to sit down. Probably just got back from an important mission that wiped him out. I loved the paper bag girl costume, and the story of the Yoda puppet guy. Reminded me of my own story of someone who would only speak to me through the medium of their puppet. "Mommy goes to the temple!" Have I told you that story recently, because it's worth retelling.
    And I'm not surprised that Sam knows Klingon and Elvish, just impressed.

  2. I am sending this along to Chaz. Gin would have absolutely no way of relating to it, except maybe about the Klingon - but not on the same level as Chaz. Gin never spoke it. This, I read outloud to husband, but he missed a lot of it because I was howling with laughter through the whole thing. Nerdy in a different way - thank the Lord. One person who is into this stuff in a household is enough. And artistry, and I have to say, SOMEBODY has to be nerdy about things like eating and paying bills.

    Anyway, as usual- love your style. So nice to read a blog written beautifully. And Daisy = I always feel better after a teaspoon of sand myself.

  3. Daisy is a GORGEOUS baby--and I love that people stopped and noticed her. It's good for that type (*cough*I'm one of that exceedingly geeky type) to get their heads out of their fan-worlds and get a little slice of what life is really supposed to be about.

    I DID know it was Klingon--and I have to say that I am feeling a rather enormous degree of envy. I was stuck behind a desk WISHING I was at 'Con. But there you are--I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

  4. I heard the Bible has been translated into Klingon. Seriously.

    I have only ever heard of "Comic-con" from shows like "Psych" & "Monk" where someone goes there and gets killed and they have to solve a crime among people in outrageous costumes. But it's a real, actual thing? That is so cool.

    And I am impressed by Sam's fame--but as Beth says, not surprised in the least. :)

  5. For the record, I never referred to it as "Con", always "The Con." Which in a way is worse because it's not just about being familiar, but giving the whole thing more respect than was deserved. Also, you should have noted that those were the "official" signs at the train stop, not just any random signs outside "The Con."

  6. I was SO excited for you to go to the "Con", but what I forgot is that you REALLY went to San Diego! That beach! Those waves! I am glad you saw such crazy people, though. I would feel proud of Sam, too, if people came there just to see HIM! Please go on more adventures and blog about them.

  7. Yes, Rob knew it was Klingon and he offered to translate it for you if you want. We would LOVE to go to Comic-Con sometime!! Also, it is so cool that Sam has groupies.

    On an unrelated note, do you ever have to tell your kids that it's not funny to hit people with things? Honestly, where did mine come from?


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