This is how it went.

First, Daisy opened the cupboard.  Then she got in the cupboard.  Then she carefully and systematically threw everything out.
Then Malachi got very worried and started to cry.  Then Abey got Daisy out.  Then Daisy got very sad and started to cry.
Then Abey helped Malachi barricade the cupboard with a chair.
And Sebby made a little bed for his monkeys.

I made a salad with one million things in it.  Sprouts, asparagus, avacado, cucumbers, almonds, feta.
And then Sam came home and we went swimming.


  1. Nice run-down of the day's events. Glad it all ended happily. Especially for the monkeys.
    Hey, do you eat Brussel Sprouts? If so, do you have a good recipe that will make my kids want to eat them? If so, could you send it to me? Thanks.

  2. Emily, I roast brussel sprouts with olive oil.

    Abe is SUCH an excellent oldest child

  3. Emily: I have only had brussels sprouts once or twice, and neither time impressed me. So if you find a good recipe, please share it!

    Chels: I know. We're so lucky. I'm so glad I had Abe first. :)

  4. And that ends the tale quite nicely. Such faces.


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