Back-to-School Treasure Hunt

We had lovely weather for our Annual (how many years do you have to do something before it can be "annual"?) Back-to-School Treasure Hunt.  There was some slight unpleasantness in the form of a screaming baby in the bike trailer, but this subsided periodically and we all had a great time anyway.  We love family bike rides, especially with treasure involved!

A shadowy figure hunts for clues
We had a picnic mid-way through, with zucchini-tomato turnovers (vegetables fresh from the garden!)

And angel-food cake, with lemon curd for dipping
The boys did not let the food distract them from the task at hand, however.
(Although some of them were distracted anyway.)
Baby Junie, getting into the spirit of things, discovered a treasure of her own: FEET!  This was her first time finding them and she was VERY pleased.  As was I.  I love it when babies eat their own toes.
Getting close . . . 
Treasure!  (New backpacks for the older ones, books for the younger ones)


  1. Now, why didn't I ever think of that? You guys and that swell neighborhood of yours . . .

  2. This is one of my many favorite traditions you guys have. What a poorly worded sentence . . .

    Evie is eating her toes as we speak, probably inspired by Junie.


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