Fancy (dancing)

The boys made a fancy restaurant yesterday which I was privileged to attend.  It was very dim (to preserve the Romantic Atmosphere), played soft music (soundtrack from Cars 2), and the waiters carried lanterns.
There was also entertainment.  There were cliff divers, which were exciting, but the best part...

was the dancing.  It was Not To Be Missed!  I wish you could have seen it (these pictures only capture a fraction of the awesomeness).
And like any true professional, he acknowledges applause graciously, with a bow.


  1. I wish so badly that you had gotten a video of that dance.

  2. I love it! I'm going to show this to my kids and drop many subtle hints . . .

  3. Those boys - such an instinct for elegance and romance. My children might try this for us, but none of them could begin to approach the level of pure entertainment offered by that dance -


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