Junie's announcement

I've been waiting for Sam to post this on his blog but he hasn't yet, so I guess I get to be first.  Really, just because he drew the picture shouldn't mean he gets to take all the credit.  Who designed the rest of the announcement and made that bird silhouette and selected the fonts, for crying out loud?  Me, that's who.  (Of course, everything I know about Painter and Photoshop I learned from Sam, so . . . )

I didn't ever post pictures of our announcements for the other kids, but you can find the baby pictures Sam drew for them here.  It really is lovely having an artist in the family.

I also didn't mention when we sent these out so you can imagine that it was months and months ago.


  1. The announcement looks terrific--both the drawing and the design. What a lovely baby.

  2. You did a bang up job, babe. And it WOULD be handy to have an artist kicking around. Also a plumber. I have a dentist, but he only does children, of which I have none left. A doctor and a lawyer would be acceptable, too. I do have a baseball player - oh, and wait, I have an artist - M's new wife. And a computer guy - that's handy, too, except you have to make an appointment to see him, and the waiting list counts by years. And an MBA. maybe she could run for president. And a mad scientist. Which isn't that good for anything except blowing things up. And a video guy who STILL hasn't done that I'm-a-Mormon thing I want to star in.

    Junie is a lovely baby.

  3. Evie was helping me open the mail when we got this beautiful picture, and she totally recognized Junie from heaven--it was all I could do to keep her from eating the picture. Sam is incredible!

  4. That is the best announcement I have ever seen! The bird and fonts totally make it. It certainly helps that Junie(love the nick name) is so gorgeous.


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