This is going to be a long wait

Here is what Sebby said the other day, in his Disneyland-ride-loudspeaker voice, as we were playing "roller coaster" together:
"Please, no eating or drinking on the ride.  Keep your hands and arms inside at all times.  If you have a baby, please exit the ride until the baby is grown up."


  1. GOOOOO Sebby!!

    ( I used to use my Dad's-secratary voice every time when I answered the phone - "Downey's residence!!!" I felt very - well- Sebby doing it. Only, one time I forgot the ritual greeting and said, "Dear Heavenly Father," in that voice instead. There was no comment from the caller. No comment at all.)

  2. Ha! I remember answering the phone with "Dear Heavenly Father" too! That embarrassment is right up there with calling my teacher "Mommy."

  3. Excellent!

    Oh but they do grow up, don't they. It's sad and wonderful at the same time.

    And guess what. I've been out of the blog reading loop for so long that I didn't even know about Juniper! I feel like the worst friend ever. She sure snuck up on me. She's gorgeous and beautiful and I'm sorry I've already missed so much of what's happened.

    I guess we just got in over our heads busy and I haven't looked at my reader for months. I'm afraid to open it now because I think it's going to have that 1,000,000+ unread posts. Argh.

    But yours is one of my very favorite to read, just want you to know. And also, Juniper was very seriously in the running for Sandy, had he been a girl. Do we have the same brain vibes or is it just the zeitgeist?

  4. Hahaha! Love it! He and my boys would do Disneyland just perfectly together! SO cute~~

  5. I love Disneyland--and I love Seb. Does he want to go there with me? "Permanacer centavos, por favor. Remain seated, please."

    wv: boxify

  6. That just reminds me of how much I miss Sebby! Miss you all!


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