We-pick berries

Yes, so it's "the agricultural equivalent to a private liberal arts college."  We like to pick our own berries!  The McBrides are the nicest, friendliest people ever (we even like their dog!) and we go to their Briar Patch every year.  I wish I had pictures of the armful of flowers I took with me on the way out---purple, pink, yellow, and orange zinnias, and orange and yellow sunflowers.  They were GORGEOUS.
 A very small taste

Berry-stained mouth (from not-so-small tastes).  She LOVED picking blackberries with Sam, and took emphatic possession of one of the berry buckets, refusing to let it out of her grasp even to be weighed.

He wanted my approval on every single berry.  "Look at THIS dark red one, Mommy!"

Would you believe we picked 14 pounds of berries?  It's true.  We're good pickers (and we have the scratched legs and forearms to prove it).

I foresee this, some of these and this in our immediate future, among other things.  Yum!


  1. I am JEALOUS. And I wish the McBride's were my good friends as well . . .

    Daisy (and all your kids, to be honest) could have stepped out of the pages of Blueberries for Sal--I love that book!


    --If you haven't read it, you really must. But knowing you, you probably already have.

  2. Okay. You're going to laugh at me. Right off the bat, I had to find the citation, so followed the link - and have spent the laugh half hour laughing my head off, then reading the comments with my mouth hanging open. Satirists take their lives in their hands, I guess. But really, how do you have the time to FIND these things? Now, here I am, and it was like a total jerking of the mind to realize that I was looking at darling little boy faces and not unhappy hipsters. We took Gin and the kids berry picking once. That was before I realized how much responsibility actual live fruit can be - and how many hours it takes to make something out of it = and how reluctant I feel to actually let anybody EAT any of the stuff after all that work that went into it.

    Once. We took them once.


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