Daisy's (tiny) birthday

For her birthday, Daisy got a bunch of tiny things. She always points the "babies" out wistfully at the store (small-sized sugar bags, small-size mayonnaise, etc) so I figured she'd be happy to have some of her own. And she was! She squealed and hugged them (did you know it's possible to hug a tiny jar of mayonnaise? It is.) and before the smoke from the birthday candles had died away, she had run all over the house gathering up the regular-sized versions of everything so she could match them. Then she insisted we take a picture (and she and Sebby had to be in the picture too, since they were big-and-little matching people). 
Let's see. Tiny baby Daisy, tiny baby Nutella, tiny baby ice cream, tiny baby vaseline, tiny baby lotion, tiny baby sugar, tiny baby nail polish remover, tiny baby mayonnaise, tiny baby sour cream, tiny baby mouthwash, tiny baby ketchup, tiny baby cups, tiny baby hair clips, and tiny baby brush. All with their big Daddies. 

Every time I've cooked anything since her birthday, Daisy comes running in to the kitchen saying, "Can we use one of MY tiny things?" She's so delighted when I say yes. Funny, cute, little girl.
And we almost forgot the tiny baby notebooks!
Happy birthday, dear sweet Daisy!


  1. Ach, I hate that service that won't let me comment till I find you at the source. And I apologize for not being around much. Life has been overwhelming the last couple of years. (Wow, has it been that long?) and I have been running like - like - water going down a drain. I LOVE the tiny things, and the tiny girl, and the beautiful family. I truly do. And if you ever need me, you call me. And that will make me happy.


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