Last night's rain and hail, did you hear and see it?

I remember exactly one thing from all the millions of standardized tests I took in elementary school: a multiple choice question on how to combine two sentences. "Did you see the rain last night? Did you hear the hail?" By far the most outstanding choice was "Last night's rain and hail, did you hear and see it?" Can you just imagine some test-writer, after a long night of re-writes, coming up with that stellar option? It boggles the mind. My friend Rachael and I spent the entire mid-test break giggling over it, and we have never stopped quoting it to each other since.

Anyway. I just love all the rain we've been having. I wonder if people on the East Coast run outside on their porches excitedly every time it rains? :) It's especially nice in the summer when it's not cold. And the lightning has been beautiful!
There was, in fact, also hail. Junie held it in her markery hand.
Marigold was very pleased and a bit baffled about being in the rain. She kept putting her hand up onto her head wonderingly. 

A few other random tidbits:
Many a baby has climbed into this cupboard. Never before, however, has a baby successfully wedged itself into this top shelf and then allowed the cupboard door to swing shut. We heard indignant sounds and rattling coming from the cupboard and went to investigate; otherwise she might have stayed in here for hours. She looked at Sam accusingly as he took her out. As if it were all his fault!
Goldie again, in the open air this time.
Daisy, pleased to be matching Sebby.
Malachi was so proud of this tiny breakfast burrito he made for his Birdie. It was quite a masterpiece.
Here is everyone waving to Sam as he left for his last day of work at Disney. He was sad to say goodbye to the good friends he's made there, but we're excited for what's to come!

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