Snowbird Wildflowers

After hiking to Catherine Pass, we stopped at Snowbird on the way down because we had tickets to ride the tram with our Connect Passes. (We bought these on a Groupon sale for field trips last year and we have loved them! So many fun things to do.) And we, especially Sebastian, love trams! We were not sure what to do, because we could also have chosen to ride the chairlift, which we'd never done, but it was going to be hard to give up the tram for it.
On our way to get our tickets, we saw this cute little guy. He wasn't scared of us at all.

It turned out we didn't have to choose, because the chairlift was closed for "weather" (clouds? I guess?), so up we went on the tram.

Seb was so happy!
Once at the top, we decided to hike down a little way so we could walk through the tunnel. There are some really beautiful views off the other side of Hidden Peak. I think this is looking over toward Heber Valley. (Also, don't worry, Seb and Junie aren't as close to the edge as they look. :))
Malachi's face was quite impressively dirty.
Here's the tunnel. It's cool---you get to walk right through the mountain!
On the other side, the wildflowers were even more beautiful. Maybe they get more moisture over there?
These hillsides look like they're right out of a painting!
You can see tiny little Seb, Malachi, Abe, and Junie if you look closely!
Back through the tunnel, we were right by the chairlift entrance, so we asked if they were letting people ride. The girl said, "Not officially, but if you don't mind the risk of a little rain . . . ." We didn't. So we rode the chairlift back down. The best of both worlds! It was a beautiful, serene ride, high above the treetops. Much different than riding the enclosed tram on the way up.
And from the chairlift, we got to wave over at our old friend the tram. (I really think this picture ought to be on a promotional poster for the Snowbird tram, framed beautifully as it is against the mountains and valley.) What fun!

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