Yellow blanket

I liked the pattern for these baby blankets so much, I wanted to make a big one for myself. It's really only impressive in size---it's not any harder to make than the little ones. I changed the pattern slightly, so the bobbles are offset vertically instead of in vertical and horizontal rows, but other than that it was just mindless row after mindless row. It's almost the biggest thing I've ever made, as my usual métier is the realm of baby things, or at least tiny things that can be finished in a week or two. :) It didn't take as long as I thought it might (a few months, though---I think I started at the end of April?). It's still too hot, really, to have it on the bed, but I put it on there just to see how it looked.

I used my favorite colors of yellow (that browner-looking one is, in fact, more of a wheat color) and made random-sized stripes across the blanket. I love how soft and snuggly, and yet heavy, the little bubble stitches make it!
It's pretty on the back, too.
I wonder what I should make next?


  1. It's beautiful! I'm curiouswhat yarn you used.

  2. Cayenne: I know nothing about yarn. I really ought to consult you before buying it, since you probably know about washability and shrinkage and if it will pill and all those other useful things! Anyway, I just bought the colors I liked. The light yellow and the wheat color were "Soft Secret," I think, and the bright yellow was the Hobby Lobby Brand "I love this yarn." We will see if they hold up at all! :)


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