Canyon leaves

What with one thing and another, I was afraid we'd basically missed Fall in the mountains this year. There were some cool, rainy days where all the trees looked dull and I thought maybe the leaves would all turn brown and fall early. But then the sun came out again, it got warm, and to our great delight, there was still plenty of Fall beauty to be found. If we can manage it, we'll be out playing in the leaves again this week and hopefully next, because we know how fast all this will be gone!
It was the most perfect Fall weather!

What an obliging 12-year-old Abe is, posing for pictures. I think he has learned that if he just goes where I tell him and smiles at me, it will all be over a lot faster. He's so handsome!
As is this Sebby-boy! He posed for pictures too…but only when I could find him. Which wasn't often.
Lovely bright colors. I love it when the leaves on the ground are still vibrant and soft.
Some leaf fights may or may not have occurred. Daisy has never laughed so much in her life. (Except, of course, for every night when she and Junie are supposed to be asleep in bed…)
Lovely Daisy-girl.
We brought picnic foods, of course.
Girls waiting nervously to be bombarded with leaves
Goldie was the busiest busybody in the world. She insisted on walking up hill and down dale, falling every couple seconds because the ground underneath the leaves was rocky and uneven. She bloodied both knees and had scrapes on her hands and all up and down her shins, but she still didn't want anyone to carry her or hold her or otherwise obstruct her absolute free movement from place to place. Of course, she also turned accusing and betrayed eyes on whoever was nearest whenever she fell down, so I guess she had the best of both worlds.
At least she looked cute while doing it.
My little matchers. How they love to match. People often ask me if they're twins (despite the height difference), although if they were twins, they probably wouldn't LIKE to match.
They are such friends. I'm so glad.
They did manage to contain Marigold for a few moments and get her to walk with them.
This was all well and good as long as Goldie persisted in thinking it was a hilarious joke.
And then she grudgingly permitted herself to be assisted up a hill by Daisy, by means of Daisy saying "Walk, walk, walk," with her in a jolly voice.
But Goldie soon shook off her fetters and began, again, to roam free.
Always turning up where you least expected her!
And here is darling Miss Junie. Last time we were here, she was just like Goldie was this time—wiggle-y, free-ranging, tough, independent, and MAD MAD MAD at any attempts to contain her. Now she is mostly just a delight.
Abraham was the best and most powerful of the leaf-throwers, so everyone wanted to gather by him and stand in the leaf-rain.
But the girls made their own valiant efforts too.
Even little Goldie, who, when she saw everyone else throwing leaves, tried to join in.
My Malachi. What would I do without him?
I love this picture. A leaf-waterfall and a sunlight-waterfall, spilling down over the same rock!
Seb, looking sly about something.
How I love these leafy little elves of mine!

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  1. Love it. Loved all of it. I really need to get my van back and go somewhere and enjoy this gorgeous weather.


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