Everyone is getting bigger.

Does this sight strike fear into your heart? It ought. Goldie drags the stool around and does things atop it. Luckily the stove was off, at this time. But who does she think she is, anyway?!?
See, she's still really quite small. If someone could tell her that, I'd appreciate it.
This is the sun coming through the fingerprints on the glass door and casting its glorious pattern onto the wall. It's like a fresco or an abstract work of stained glass. That's what I'm choosing to believe, anyway. :)
Everyone moved up a bike size, which means Junie finally has her own vehicle! She's so pleased.
Daisy is working on learning to balance a two-wheeler. Malachi has been a sweet little helper for her.
And THIS picture just flabbergasts me. Our little Abey, grown up into a great hulking Abraham and going to Priesthood Session with Sam! How did this happen?! They are both so handsome.


  1. Goldie, Is that you? When did this happen? They are all getting so big. What a lovely bunch.

  2. I guess goldie thinks she is a chef!


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