Hats and leaves

I made hats this year during General Conference, as is my custom when I'm not currently working on some other crocheting project. Not this Daisy hat above---I made that ages ago for Daisy---though I suppose it works for a Marigold too. I want to make Goldie a new one that's red and orange and yellow at some point.

Anyway---the hats I did make were a pink penguin for Daisy:
(I got a pattern here.)

And this orange piggy for Junie. For a long time we didn't really think she had a favorite animal (she likes all animals) but then she got her little stuffed pig, Oinker:
 and now she's a piggy girl through and through. (Our cousins just got a real pet pig, so we will have to go meet him soon!)
At first I just put piggy ears on the hat, but then she wanted it to have a face like Daisy's penguin did, so I added eyes and a snout.
And a little curly tail on the back, of course!
On a side note, perhaps you can help with a point of terminology. My mom always referred to the hairdo as one ponytail or two ponytails. "Pigtails" were the little tiny short tails that little girls wear way at the top of their heads. However, some people assure me that "ponytail" is the name for one tail of hair, and "pigtails" is the name for two. As neither ponies nor pigs actually have two tails, I'm not sure why the difference---if you have two, they are usually shorter, maybe? And then Sam thought that it was only a "pigtail" if it was curly, like a real pig's tail, but I've never seen it used like that. So…which is it?
We went up the canyon to enjoy the leaves. It was chilly but beautiful.
I've made so many hats that none of the kids ever really need a new one, but I keep making them anyway, because they're fast and easy and I like doing it. (Also, half of them are lost at any given time, so it seems like we have fewer than we actually do.) I should probably find someone to start giving them away to. Aren't there some charities that accept hats? What are they?
Goldie wore my favorite sweater (knitted by my friend Cayenne). The sleeves are getting a tiny bit short but I'm going to keep putting her in it until she's 16, if possible. She's so cute in it!


  1. Ponytail--one; pigtails--two. At least, that's what I grew up with. I am Canadian, though, so maybe my answer is not definitive.

    Timothy has reiterated his desire to name the baby Annabel. I think we might have a winner.

  2. I've always heard the same as Andrea on the pigtails and ponytail. No idea why. I totally love your hats and I am so glad Goldie still fits into her sweater!

  3. If only it could be both of our Goldie's who were the pig lovers! Alas, we can't have everything the same, I suppose. I mean there is the whole issue of our not matching boy names, and Junie and Penny -- that was a disaster of not staying true to our sameness.

    BUT, your making of hats reminds me very much of my mom forever stitching away on temple aprons for us during conference. AND, seriously, this skill of yours is spectacular. We recently read a children's book about a girl who lives in a very colorless town until she chances upon a box of never ending yard which she proceeds to knit over the whole town -- sweaters for everyone -- even the animals, coverings for mailboxes and houses and trees trunks. I think you ought to knit the world these hats (and, of course, when I say "knit" I realize I'd need to go back to your post to see if it was knit or crochet . . . and I realize that calling it the wrong thing is quite faux pas among the knitting/crocheting community . . . and I'm embarrassed not to know which is which . . . ). In any case, you at least ought to make them for every new baby every born in your sphere of people in the world. They're grand. I partly named Anders Anders simply because I loved that name from The Hat that Mother Made.

  4. *yarn not yarn
    *ever not every
    *The CAP That Mother Made

  5. Nancy: I love that your mom made your temple aprons. I've sometimes seen ones in the temple that look homemade and I think they're so pretty! And it sends such a good message to your kids, I think.

    It's okay not to know the difference between knitting and crocheting; it was all the same to me too before I started learning how. They aren't that much different anyway, honestly---knotting yarn in different ways. :) And I love The Cap that Mother Made (I remembered it as "the hat" too, ha!)


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