Matching animal hats for girls and dolls, crocheted snowflakes, etc.

I'm not really sure why I always feel a need to document things I crochet. Maybe it's because once I've taken a picture of it, I feel like I can relax if it gets lost or ruined (as everything eventually seems to around here) because I at least have a record that I did it. And these little dolly hats are some of my favorite things I've made for a long time. They went so fast, and they just looked so…miniature and matching and cute! Because I made up the patterns for two of the girls' hats (that sounds more impressive than it is: they are just basic HATS, with simple ears and noses and such figured out as I went along, and I followed a pattern for Daisy's) I had to make up the dolls' hats too. It mostly involved doing the same thing, but…less of it. I tried to write down what I was doing so I could give someone a pattern (lots of people asked me for patterns for my Angry Birds Hats, and I felt bad I hadn't written anything down at the time) but I'm afraid I still wasn't wholly complete in my instructions. Maybe at some point I'll sit down and write them better. I do at least have notes.

Anyway, I had already made the penguin and piggy hats for the girls, and I made their little matching doll hats for Christmas. And then after Christmas, Goldie was saying, "I wish I had a ow-funt hat!" so I made a set for her and her dolly too, which might be my favorite of all.

Goldie's hats match her big elephant and tiny elephant.
This Christmastime I also tried crocheting with thread instead of yarn. It took me a while to get used to keeping the tension right and manipulating the smaller hooks, but it's really fun, and I liked making these snowflakes. There are tons of amazing, delicate patterns at this site. I gave all of these away, but after Christmas I made a few more and I'd like to do even more next year. Maybe eventually I'll have enough for a whole tree-full!
And more on the doll front: I made these darling little dresses for the girls' dolls (Rosie and Violet…see if you can guess which is which) :) Again, really fun patterns that go so quickly! Just a few hours for each one. Here's the free pattern I used. Up next: I want to make this.
Oh! And I almost forget the Beard Hats I made Abe and Seb for Christmas. They are so funny. I learned how to do a loop stitch for the curly beard, which was fun. They don't fit quite as snugly as I'd like, though—I may need to make some adjustments. Patterns for these are here.

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  1. It's stating the obvious--you are a woman of many, many incredible talents!


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