Sam and I always have so much fun choosing what Christmas tree ornaments (or "ordaments," as about 50% of the children in this family call them) to make, and then making them, for the ornament party we go to every year. I guess it's becoming my tradition to crochet a little set of amigurumi characters every year. I did the Wizard of Oz last year, and Star Wars the year before that. And this year I decided on Alice in Wonderland. I wasn't able to find a pattern this year, so I just sort of fumbled my way through it, not knowing exactly what I was doing. I used some ideas from this pattern, and looked at this darling set for inspiration.
Mad Hatter

White Rabbit

Sam (using the wood burner) made a bird ball like he did last year, just for fun. It's impossible to show how intricate and entwined and organic it looks in person. But here are the different sides:

Best of all, Sam made a bunny ball for me this year! Bless him. It's the best thing on our entire Christmas tree. I love it so much. When he showed it to me, I cried.
And…for the party itself, Sam made this owl. He shaped it out of Sculpey and then painted it with acrylics. I never stop being amazed at the things he can create.

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  1. Marilyn, after looking over your blog, I had to comment and say, oh my word, you are a talented bunch! I love, love, love those ornaments and could not be more impressed with the fact that you all make them. So fun to "meet" you through Nancy. :) I'm excited to follow your blog for sure!


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