Santa Lucia, Nutmeg washes, and other random things

We celebrated Santa Lucia Day a couple days late this year, but we did make the saffron buns and we had TWO Santa Lucias, which seems like it ought to make up for it. Junie was so happy she was finally big enough to wear the little Lucia dress and sash!
We do have shorter candles somewhere that are less hard to hold up! But we couldn't find them in the chaos of the storage room. We'll find them as we're putting the decorations away, I'm sure. Anyway, Daisy did an admirable job holding her head straight and steady.
Does Daisy look a bit pale? She threw up about 30 seconds after this picture was taken, poor lamb. She did make it to the toilet! We saved some lussekatter for her to eat later.
This picture of Daisy yawning and Junie doing…something with her finger? turned out to be my favorite of the lot. I sure love these little girls.

Moving on…Nutmeg kind of thinks he owns the place. I love it when he hops up on the back of the couches like this, and surveys his domain.
As I have mentioned, I love it when Nutmeg washes his face. There has been a bounty out for some time now for whoever can get a picture of him washing his ears! All we had till this point was the one above, where he's in his cage—
but now Sam has captured a few more! It's hard to see, but Nutmeg tilts his head so he can grab his little soft ear with his little soft paws—then he pulls it down as far as he can—and then licks at it until it's cleaned to his satisfaction. He's a very fastidious bunny. 
Three pinkies coloring

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