Temple Square Lights

We don't always make it up to see the lights at Temple Square, but we usually make some attempt at it, and this year the stars aligned and we went! It always seems like a happy place to go (even if cold) because that's where Sam asked me to marry him, at Christmastime fifteen years ago! Who would have thought we'd be doing it all these years later with seven kids in tow??!

Teddy was so snug and bundled, I couldn't stop taking pictures of him. His bright little eyes looked around with considerable interest.
Speaking of bright little eyes, Miss Marigold had her fair share. She had such cold little hands, so I showed her how to put them in her pockets, whereupon she lit up even further with joy and accomplishment.

She also enjoyed running from fountain to fountain asking to see the "watey." "Come on Abey! Now let's go see THIS watey!" Abe (who was minding her at the time) kept giving me "help! Are you SEEING this cuteness??" looks. I WAS seeing it, but declined to rescue him. It's just what he deserves!
Daisy and Junie
Junie in her cute piggy hat
Ky likes green best
Seb likes red best
Abe would like purple best, if they had it
I like white best!
Looking out through the sky bridge
I loved seeing everyone's faces lit by the glowing Christmas lights. It was a lovely evening. And I bet these lights are looking really pretty now, in the snow!

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