Abe and Seb like to call Malachi "Boolaboo," or "Boola" for short. Not quite sure how that got started, but Ky takes it good-naturedly, as he does most things. I can't believe he's EIGHT years old! I remember when Abe turned 8 and it seemed incomprehensible that we had a boy that age. And now we've had three of them!

Ky will be baptized in January, but we had a good birthday celebration this month—sandwiched in between all the December craziness that makes quiet birthday dinners seem such a breath of fresh air. He wanted baked potato soup and fresh bread for dinner, and orange juice cake for dessert, and that's just what he got (eventually…spread over two days…)!
Malachi keeps saving up to buy these little owls. They are so cute!
We rode Trax up to Temple Square to look at the Christmas Lights on Ky's birthday night. It's always a treat to ride Trax, and this was especially nice because we had the whole train to ourselves for a long time! The children gleefully moved from seat to seat (and strap to strap!) just as they've always wanted to do.

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