Snow and Snowflakes

Did we even get snow last winter? I suppose we must have, but it seems like so long ago. And I love snow before Christmas! We were so happy when we had some big storms last week—big enough to actually go out and play in! Speaking for the children and not myself, of course. I prefer to stay inside and take pictures through the window—and maybe tiptoe out in my slippers to get a better angle if I absolutely must—and make hot chocolate to make everyone warm again when they come inside.
Goldie was so happy she practically glowed. 
A little taste

Fat little snowgirls
Junie made one of those snowman-mounds four-year-olds do so well
Junie-pig kissing her snowman
Daisy's snowman was a little more…what's the opposite of amorphous? Morphous? A little more man-like.
Seb's happy snowman
We also had our traditional snowflake-cutting night, which is one of my favorite traditions. I'm always so impressed with what everyone makes!

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  1. Your ornaments are always spectacular. How my girls would die of joy if I could teach them this!

    And isn't having older kids along with little ones so great. I imagine I had to take Abe and Daisy in the snow when they were little (to check off some good mom box), but now it never would even occur to me! Of course if little ones want to sled it is in the care of their older siblings!


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