Storm Mountain

That title sounds dark and foreboding, but it's really just the name of the campground. We love this place! Some of the trees are bare by now, but many are still holding on to their vibrant leaves. Such pretty colors and such surprising contrasts!
Tiny Abe, across a meadow

Slightly-less-tiny Abe, across another meadow
Why was this baby so wide-eyed and awestruck, you may be wondering?
It was because someone (Sebby, to be precise) had given her this big, dangerous-looking stick.
Oh, she was so happy about it.
She carried it everywhere. They would not be parted.
She kept clasping it to her bosom…
And kissing it! Oh, dear and beloved pointy stick.
Twin sliders…
and huggers.
Some attempts at jumping.
Malachi with some bright leaves.
Malachi with a branch poking into his head.
Boy and stump.
Oh, these boys!
Ah, that's better.
Playing. Bright trees.
More playing. Leaf shower!
The older boys took Marigold to the car ahead of the rest of us, and when I got there and opened up the back door, there she was, still buckled into her stroller, sitting in the trunk! I was so surprised! The boys thought it was SO hilarious, they laughed practically all the way home. Goldie, too, was quite pleased with herself and the ensuing silliness.

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