Cars, Planes, and Sunsets

The boys are obsessed with cars right now. I didn't do anything to facilitate it. I didn't particularly WANT it to happen. But, there it is. I guess there really is just some car-loving gene on the Y chromosome that gets activated every so often! So, every time we drive somewhere, I get a running commentary on what cars we are seeing—which categories they excel in (sports, racing, luxury, reliability, etc.)—which ones are rare and expensive—their top speeds—how fast they can reach 60 mph—and so forth. Sometimes, trying to include me, one of the boys will ask conversationally, "Which edition of Ferrari would you choose if you had to have one?" (they always have to phrase it this way, as I tell them a sports car would be wasted on me and I would never buy one), or "Of the luxury cars, which do you think is MOST luxurious?" Haha. Sam, who is not really a "car person," at least knows more than I do and can be counted on to give out tidbits he's learned from Top Gear to feed their insatiable car-curiosity. There's SO much talk about cars that even little Goldie will chirp out, "Look! A BMW!" or "Guys! A Tesla!" as we drive along. (What does she know? Nothing!)

Anyway, the boys begged to go to the Classic Car show at Soda Row in Daybreak, and we didn't really see how we could refuse! The Ferrari and Lamborghini were the biggest hits, of course, but they liked the old cars too. They took photo after photo of all the beautiful engines and hood ornaments and so forth, but I mostly liked taking pictures of them, looking at the cars. They are so eager and absorbed. 
Even Theo got into it. I liked this picture of Sam and him making a minute examination of something or other, with those pretty mountains behind. :) 

Cars! Did I say cars?? My boys are obsessed with airplanes! Seb's model-airplane-making frenzy has led to SO MANY PLANES in this house. Add to that the fact that his cousin and his brothers make and trade planes too, and you end up with a whole airport's-worth of model planes. Which is exactly what they made the other day, with all the planes lined up by make and airline.
The Delta section (I think)
The girls have had specialized planes made for them—an orange piggy plane for Junie, and a pink penguin plane for Daisy.
This plane is taking off. Imagine a very, very, very loud roaring noise accompanying this picture.
Not a plane, but a bow-tie-bedecked baby boy. He's so bald! And bright-eyed.

And lastly, another lovely evening to show you. This one is adorned by a pink-tinted baby, clasping his hands. (I LOVE the way he clasps his little hands together. So cute!)
The sky was cool, because first it had these gold wisps—
and then they turned into pink wisps! The light changes so fast. 
At one point half of the sky was pink and half was gold, like this. Lovely.
Baby Theo quite enjoyed it.
And we had these bright golds and oranges to say goodnight to before we went inside. So nice!

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