Montreal Trip Part IV: Oot and Aboot

On this trip we didn't spend a lot of time away from the house in Sainte-Julienne, but we did go to the grocery store and on a few other errands with Thierry. (This would be the environs on a map labeled "Montreal and environs.") My brother Karl served an LDS Church mission in "Montreal and environs," in fact. And he had one mission companion who…well, I shouldn't tell his mission stories for him. But suffice it to say that the title of this post pays homage to that dear Elder.

At any rate, it was all gorgeous. I just love those forests crowding up to the edge of the vast green fields. Thierry told us that this is a big spot for maple syrup production—"Come back in March and you can visit the sugaring houses and eat the fresh maple candy made when they pour syrup on the snow," he said. What??! Sign me up. I read Miracles on Maple Hill when I was young and have dreamed of syrup-making ever since.
Huge skies. Huge clouds.
Thierry took us to buy beef for dinner, from his friend who raises Highland cows (that was the beef we ate, and boy was it tasty) and also these beautiful little deer—which both Thierry and his friend referred to as "Bambi"s. Haha. (We didn't eat any of them, but we could have.) They were so gentle and nice. The boys fed them grass and carrots. Even their antlers were covered with velvety fur.
I like this picture of Abe smiling at the deer and the deer smiling back.

We saw lots of cornfields as we were driving around, too.
And I think these are soybeans.
Teddy watched it all with interest.
A nice little church.
Theodore and I took a walk down the road one morning. It was drizzling rain, and then it started raining harder so we stopped and took some pictures on the porch for awhile. I was pleased because he was wearing his cute little knit hat my friend Cayenne made and I love him in it.
After a suitable interval, we proceeded on our walk, and found this at the end of the road:
A charming little convent! Or something like a convent. You can see it says "Oasis de Priere" under the porch roof, and I saw some nuns driving out in their blue SUV as we walked away. :) Don't you find the idea of a convent appealing? So simple and quiet and secluded. I can imagine meditating and praying for hours at a time. This would be a perfect place for it, with the lake and the forest all around.

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