Montreal Trip Part V: Swimming

By far the thing we did most was play in the lake and in the backyard. The water was very mild so it felt good even when the day wasn't scorching hot. My swimming suit, of course, was in the lost suitcase (grr!) but I waded around and dangled my feet off the dock and enjoyed watching the boys swim and splash. As I think I already mentioned, the clouds over the lake seemed to move so fast. You could watch a little patch of dark clouds coming closer, and then it would drop a little rain, and then you'd see blue sky in the distance, and in a few minutes the clouds would be moving off the other way and the day would be sunny again.

Abe standing on the smallest island in the world
I love the way the water looks when it's splashing up and then sparkling back down again. Like little diamonds floating on the water.
Some find the water chillier than others

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