Montreal Trip part VI: the Lac

If one is fortunate enough to have a lake in one's backyard, the least one can do is photograph it in every conceivable sort of light. I just couldn't help myself. I would be sitting and reading, or feeding Theo, inside, and suddenly the light would change and I would go charging off to look at it. As I sat on the dock watching the water move under the sky, listening to the birds and the wind, I felt like I might just dissolve and float away on that calm, inexorable current. I don't know when I've last felt so peaceful.

And that light!

The lake at sunrise—I love that mist hovering above the water

If you look closely you can see a tiny rainbow under the cloud.
Sam liked the way this water was red or blue depending on where the light hit


  1. This makes me think, quite seriously, that I could so easily confront life's problems and quickly grab ahold of peace and perspective . . . if I just had a lake in my backyard!

    1. Yes! Me too! That's not so much to ask, is it? :)


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