Night Before Nightgowns

We don't always give the kids new pajamas on Christmas Eve, but occasionally we do and this year I had a nightgown pattern I really wanted to try. I guess I "know how" to sew—my mom spent hours teaching me, and I took classes in both high school and college. I made dresses and quilts and button-up pajamas and even a denim jacket one time. But—this is the key—always with someone helping me! And though I have a sewing machine for hemming and basic mending and making things like rice bags, I really am not confident making things by myself! In fact, I had convinced myself I didn't really know how to sew at all—but, in a burst of ambition, I decided I might just TRY it this year.

And it turned out I liked doing it! It helped that I was making the same thing three different times, so I felt like I really got it by the third time. But I also remembered more than I thought I would, about overcasting seams and gathering ruffles and so forth. And even when I didn't understand the pattern at first, after actually holding up the pieces and thinking about it, I was able to figure out what to do! So I was quite proud of myself, and I especially LOVE these nightgowns. I ordered double-gauze fabric, which I have never sewn with before, but it is SO light and dreamy and soft!! And twirly! It is the same fabric those sweet soft baby swaddling blankets are made of—you know the ones. It practically floats off the ground as the girls are wearing it, and they feel like snuggly swaddled babies when you hug them. I did have to overcast all the seams (I don't have a serger) because the fabric is VERY loose and ravel-y (unravel-y?) but after that it sewed up just fine.

The pattern was actually made by a girl I know from high school, Katy Dill. She's amazing (and I love her kids' names). :) You can find the pattern here: The Night Before Nightgown. And I ordered my fabric here (online fabric stores are so great!).
We had our traditional Elf Olympics on Christmas Eve. Sam-ta assigned us all to design new toys (he gave us the names or functions; we made up the toys) for one of these activities. Here is Daisy's "Ballybimba."

Junie was concentrating hard.
Goldie during the Lego-building competition
Even Teddy was working hard. (Shirtless)
It was a happy Christmas!


  1. Two years ago all my girls wanted nightgowns for Christmas. White, old-fashioned, nightgowns. We were able to find already made ones. Every night seemed like a step back in time because all the girls would gather in their white nightgowns - like Pride & Prejudice, or Little Women.

    1. Yes! It totally reminds me of Pride and Prejudice or something! And I remember those white nightgowns, now that you mention them. I love that even your older girls had some!

  2. Oh how I wish I'd learned to sew from my mom. She made me dance dresses and brides maid dresses and my wedding dress for crying out loud. And each time I would settle that I'd help and learn . . . but I just never did. But I love these nightgowns!

    1. I want to see a close-up picture of your wedding dress sometime. I've only seen it in pictures far-off, but it looks so gorgeous. Your mom must be such a good seamstress! And it's not too late. Maybe she'll still teach you. In all your spare time, you know, which you are about to have. :)


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