Santa and the hat

That title sounds like it's going to precede a very exciting story, and it does. We got this Santa suit at a baby shower way back when Abe was a baby. It's not really the right size for Theodore anymore, but since all the boys have worn it, by golly I was going to try to put Theo in it too!

He didn't like it. Especially the hat.

So we spent a very entertaining fifteen minutes tormenting him with it.
Poor baby.
Note thumb going in, for comfort at such a difficult time.

"Hat go-way."
He couldn't understand why we would keep doing this to him. We were all in gales of laughter.
Anyway, he's a very cute Santa. Merry Christmas!


  1. Poor little fella. It makes me think of the similar cruelty of feeding our babies lemon or some such and everyone laughing at their horrible shudder and shouting "again! again!" And no to the hat? Sigh. It is still like pulling teeth to get Summer or Mette to allow anything near their heads! Even one tiny barrett!

    1. These babies! What is the deal?? They should be THANKING us for their hats and hair clips!

  2. They should indeed. Little ingrates!


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