Santa Lucia (times three)

I had lots of help making our lussekatter this year, and not one but THREE little Lucias to celebrate Santa Lucia day! It's really just supposed to be the eldest daughter, but naturally that doesn't meet with the approval of the other girls—and can you blame them? So we dug out some more white dresses and red ribbon, and all the girls paraded down the hall to serve the boys these delicious saffron buns. (Recipe is here, if you'd like to try them yourself!)

Half the fun is making the buns. You roll out little flat snakes, and then curl them up frontwards and backwards into spirals like contented little cats—thus their name lussekatter, "Lucia cats." The smell of saffron drifting through the house on a cold December morning is just one of the loveliest things. Almost as lovely as three little girls spilling pearl sugar* and cocoa on their white dresses and giggling as they try to keep their candle crowns straight on their heads.

After the first few pictures, Daisy decided she really ought to be wearing Danish braids in her hair. And of course, her doll Rosie had to match as well.
She prudently decided not to try to balance the real candle crown AND a tray of food. Our little paper crown provided a good substitute.
Hot chocolate and saffron buns, ready to be delivered to the boys' room!
Junie, in lace
Goldie was SO pleased to be wearing Daisy's old Lucia dress! You can see her standing on tippy-toes just to prove how big she is.
And she felt PARTICULARLY pleased and grown-up to be carrying her own little tray of buns!
She kept asking for more pictures throughout the day.
Junie, on the other hand, seemed to think it would be fitting to wear two ribbons and a crown in her hair, and carry her baby pig in a sock. Makes sense, I suppose.
Happy Santa Lucia day! (And here's last year's festivities.)

*Last year I ordered some Belgian pearl sugar online (for waffles) and they sent me Swedish pearl sugar by accident—six bags of it! And then when I tried to return it, Amazon said just to keep it, so…if you live nearby and would like to borrow some…I have plenty.

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