Warm and then cold

We had such a warm, warm November! I kept thinking surely it would cool down, surely THIS would be the VERY last time we got to play outside in the beautiful mild air, but on it stretched, giving us chance after chance. Finally even I, Avoider of Yard Work, thought it must be some sort of sign, and I rashly ordered about 200 bulbs and decided to dig out a bunch of new flowerbeds while I still could! With snow in the forecast for two days hence, the kids and I madly dug and planted and trimmed, and just as it was looking like we'd bitten off more than we could chew, three wonderful teenage boys—friends of Abe's—came sauntering over asking, "How can we help?" I put them gratefully to work, and soon two more neighbors showed up with shovels and transplants, until I felt the world was quite full of goodness and love.

It was the coziest feeling in the world to look out at the snow, when it came, and know our work was done. My dad was fond of saying, "Can you sleep when the wind blows?" and—you know—for once, we could! 

But that was later. First, there was sunshine, and swinging, and wave after wave of falling leaves from trees you thought surely must be empty by now.

Seb and Malachi set up the tent AGAIN, in November! And passed a perfectly pleasant night outside.
It was warm enough for the girls to sit outside, reading.
Warm enough for Nutmeg to sit inside, basking. Which of course, he does when it's cold as well.
The first snowfall was not VERY substantial, but it was good enough to interest Teddy. Seb, who perhaps dotes on Teddy even more than the rest of the children do, took him out exploring.
I inadvertently caught this surprisingly genuine smile from Seb.
The girls asked for "BIG BUNS" in their hair one Sunday.
Cute little Junie has such gorgeous eyes!
She also got to go to work with Sam and Nutmeg, which was the highlight of her life. Sam takes Nutmeg to be a Special Guest in his Gesture Drawing class every semester, and the students love it so much! As they should.
Daisy and Rosie wore matching choir robes for Daisy's concert (Malachi matched them too, but declined to be pictured).
Abe, who had been saving up all year for an Ollie robot, saw it on sale for half price after Thanksgiving and snatched it up! Everyone was SO interested in watching the little robot roll around. Such fun.
Teddy fits in this little Sunday suit now, and it makes me so nostalgic to see him in it. Just LOOK at these other tiny boys wearing it over the years! Oh, where does the time go?
Little bunny bright-eyes.

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