The Benefits of Fame

Sam's art blog is, maybe not famous, but quite popular---he gets thousands of views a day, as well as lots of related emails; gushing with praise, asking for help, seeking advice, offering jobs, etc.  It's well-deserved attention, and I haven't been envious of it----until now.  When I find he is the recipient of such spectacular missives as the following:

Subject: punxsutawney phil loved your illustration

Weather-predicting groundhog Punxsutawney Phil and I stumbled on to your site and the great illustration of a groundhog or as we thought ‘evil phil’ : phil’s alter ego.

We really enjoyed the illustration and thought we would pass along the praise. There are so many bad representations of groundhogs in illustration… it was refreshing to see yours.

Warm regards on a Cold day.
From the weather capital of the world
At Gobblers Knob.
In Punxsutawney Pennsylvania
Happy Groundhog Day

[Name withheld]
Official Handler, Punxsutawney Phil

First of all, it's so great that Phil has an "official handler," and furthermore that the handler SPEAKS so confidently for Phil.  And then the delight that Phil (and handler) took in finding an illustration that does justice to the groundhog (with accompanying dismay at the general State of Groundhog Illustration These Days)!  Wouldn't you LOVE to get letters like this?


  1. I wish I'd had it notarized and photostated when, five years ago I predicted that you and Sam would be rich and famous from your writing and his illustrating some amazing children's book. So let it be written. So let it be done monian.

  2. Oh that precocious little Sam. Does he know how to make lemon curd - I ask you? Could he deliver cheesecake or white chocolate fresh raspberry cookies to old women who almost once saved their lives when they were almost dead and cut to pieces? No. And hey - I LEAVE COMMENTS HERE, and I am (was, for maybe two years) more famous than Phil. Sort of. Kind of. Sometimes.

    But yeah, you have to feel pretty warm and nice getting a post like that. Cheeky devil. Sam. Not the groundhog.

  3. My brother wants a copy of "Corky and the Sperm Whale" for Christmas. (He borrowed "Waiting for Guffman" last week.) He suggested that we get Sam to illustrate it but I think this proves that Sam is, as I asserted, too highbrow for the project.

  4. I also really do know how to use number in constructing sentences. And I'm not sure I'm as cute a Phil.


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