Going to extremes

Saturday was alphabet-letter "E," so we performed several activities in an EXTREME way.  We had a logo and everything:
You know how "hard-core" (as I believe they say) we are, so you can only imagine the extremities to which we went.
Or can you?
Let me help:
Extreme muffin-eating.  The closed eyes signify not fatigue, but concentration.  And might I take this opportunity to say that over the course of this event, I managed to catch, in my mouth, some food thrown to me---for the FIRST TIME EVER?  I was so proud.

Extreme Stoller-Pushing: Obstacle Course (Note the red Tracking Balloon).  This picture shows the winning contestant in the final seconds of the first heat.

I don't have any pictures of the Extreme Popcorn-Making, so you will have to imagine that one.  But here is Daisy; she clasps her hands at you.


  1. All I can say is, you are all extremely clever, extremely silly, and extremely fun to know. That logo - I thought, "OOhh, cool epsilon." Then I saw the teeth. I don't laugh out loud often. It felt GREAT.

  2. Oh, I love this idea. Can we borrow the logo? We'll have to make our own olympic theme song, of course . . .


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