There are two things I've been feeling grateful for lately.

1. My kids are easily amused
2. My every movement is not captured by a GPS tracking system

There are two roundabouts in our neighborhood, so lately we've been playing "feeshy-go-round."  Well, one is a fish-go-round and one is a "horsie-go-round."  Here is how it goes: we get in the car.  We drive to Roundabout #1.  As we go, we say, "We're standing in line!  We're waiting!  We're almost there!"  Then, we drive into the circle, and around, while saying in fun voices, "Wheee!  Woohoo!  We're on the fishy-go-round!  Up and down, up and down!  Hooray!"  We go around 5 or 6 times, until we are dizzy.  Then we drive out and towards Roundabout #2, where we repeat as needed.  The kids loooooove it.  (Like I said.  Easily amused.  Free fun!)

But also, and this speaks to #2, I ask myself if anyone ever sees us and wonders what we're doing.  I saw an exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art which is a GPS tracking device constantly attached to some guy, and a camera, so variously cut shots of what he sees and where he is are always appearing in realtime.  Of course it's supposed to be a biting commentary on the ubiquitous nature of the media, and an ironic insult to the national security that wrongly tracked the artist (or something)---but all I could think as I looked at it was, "What would people think if they saw my location dot---going 'round---and 'round---and 'round---and 'round?"*

Little Sebby a couple years ago.  Doesn't he look young and sweet?

*Or sitting in one spot, never moving more than 25 ft in either direction, for DAYS AT A TIME?


  1. WOO_HOOO!! YOu are a woman after my own heart (surprise!) And if you did have a GPS system attached to you, you could hope the read out would be printed in finger paints - swirls and curls all in color!!

  2. I saw that exhibit too, I believe.

    I love the sound of that roundabout game. I'm going to have to try it.

  3. People would say, if they saw your dot going around and around, or nowhere for days, "Did you see that mustard-colored bag she had at the Children's Museum? Outstanding!"

  4. Beth's right. And that picture of little Seb was striking partly because, wait, Seb was little once? And also because you're beautiful. Strikingly so.

    Also, I have to say kudos for taking the time and effort to pile everyone in the car to go on the fishy-go-round. I loathe buckling car seats.


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