Ad copy

Some advertising copy I've seen and noted:

"Wonder Bread: Fresh fresh fresh"

Okay.  Here's my advertising tip for today: don't pick the one most flagrant and obvious thing that you AREN'T, and say you ARE it.  I mean, Wonder Bread probably has its virtues, right?  Fluffy? Convenient? Inexpensive? Shelf-stable? But one thing it ISN'T, is Fresh Bread.  And the advertisement just brings that fact, painfully, to the front of one's mind.  You'd be better off thinking of it as a whole different entity than fresh bread.  Because the comparison is not going to be favorable. 


"Since then Krusteaz---a clever mix of 'crust' and 'ease'---has come to stand for homemade goodness."

Um.  Laying aside the "homemade goodness" part, can we really concede that Krusteaz is a clever mix of 'crust' and 'ease'?  I mean, it's a mix of the two words, I think we can agree on that.  But what makes it a "clever" mix?  The "K" at the beginning of "crust," perhaps?  Or did they have in mind the "eaz" spelling of "ease"?  Or is it the "clever" way they made the two words into---get this---one word?

I happen to know a copy writer.  (Or is he a "copyrighter"?)  And I'm pretty sure he'd never engage in such sloppy writing . . . right Jordan?  Right? :)

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  1. "...this—one word."

    I'd have written it: "...this—one 'word.'" Since Krustese (sp) is not, in any universe I've traveled, and actual word. Crusties? Not nice.


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