Pictures I like, and why

Sam holds the two babies up proprietarily.  "These babies do I show you, by the might of my own arm!"

The boys were so excited that they could get right up next to these railroad arms and lights.  They had to examine every part to see how the mechanism worked.

I like how you can see Abe gasping as the cold water hits his legs.  He was the only one brave enough to really play in the water, but he was still cautious.

Braver now.  And aware of it---shown by that goofy grin on his face that he gets when he's being a bit silly.

Malachi was NOT brave.  And who can blame him?  The ocean is VERY VERY BIG, especially to such a tiny guy.  You can see he's nervous and ready to run.  Then he does run.  And his tiny footprints marking out that hasty retreat.  (Side note: toddlers in wetsuits!  So chubby and delicious!  See also below:)

Seb was excited about everything, but in a much sober-er, quieter way than you'd think.  I think he was slightly unsure of what to expect, or maybe just so interested in everything that he was focusing his entire energy on taking in every detail and remembering it for later.  He has a particular smile that combines fluttery anticipation with genuine excitement.  This is it.

Again, serious.  He was in charge of this car, and HE KNEW IT.  And took the responsibility seriously.

"Look Mommy!  Sprinkler!"  The funny thing is that I started noticing every sprinkler at Disneyland, too.  "Look Sebby!  Sprinkler!"  I wonder what people thought of us?

Pouting over something.  Monkey consoles him.  In this light Sebby looks like someone in a Caravaggio painting.

Why does Daisy do this?  She always holds her arms out and up, like she's balancing, or dancing.  So delicate.  They almost hover up in the air, like it's water and she's floating in it.

Ky's faithful bear, watching and waiting.  We couldn't find birdie for the trip (!!) but luckily this "tiny beer" filled in as friend and companion.

Giggles of glee.  It's almost unbearably cute to watch someone become so happy and so excited at all once.  You can't help but laugh too---it's infectious.  Which is why people enjoy taking kids to Disneyland, I guess.


  1. Three thoughts: 1) That Benjamin is so nummy, nummy I could just eat him up. 2) Exactly how long did you spend at the RR x-ing? Hours? All day? 3) Can I please play with Ky? I promise I'll give him back. He is just so sweet!!

    My brother knows the exact location and water temperature of every drinking fountain at Disneyland. And he's 27 years old.

  2. I love that serious picture of Seb pouting. And, I might mention how clear it is in indoor light---yay new lens!


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