Bark bark!

(fwuffball parade, last year)

The boys have been sick this week, one after another.  They sound like a bunch of barking seals.  Last night I heard Ky calling in a horrible scratchy voice.  He was burning hot and I could hear his breath rattling around in his chest.  "How are you feeling?" I said.  "I'm fine, tanks, Mommy," he rasped (always polite).  I gave him some medicine for his fever, and he croaked out, "Dat medicine is so so good, Mommy!  Now will you put me back in bed, because I am so so tired, pwease?"  He's so sweet, even when he's hurting.  I just want to cuddle him up and kiss him!

Later Sebby appeared like a ghost beside my bed.  Also hot.  Also rasping.  "I need a fwuffball, Mommy," he croaked, feverishly.

I gave it to him, of course.  I'm not a monster.


  1. Oh, I'm so sad for your boys! I hope you all are feeling better soon! And I just adore that Ky. And the rest of them, now that I think of it.

  2. Be careful they don't get croupy, Mar. If they sound too raspy, run the shower very, very hot and keep them in the bathroom - probably with few clothes on. We had to do that with Gin when she was little - and then dress them warmly and take them outside for a moment. It helps to open the airwaves. Not that you want to keep them in the cold. Odd how it worked. ANd a humidifier is really important.

  3. Yes! I've tried the hot shower trick. And the cold air. It's scariest with babies, but luckily I've never had one who is TOO bad.


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