Snow is good for something

It's Spring Break.  We have a blasted foot of snow (okay, a few inches) outside.  And I have three barking boys.  So, yesterday we did what any reasonable person would do.

Bought flowers and made ice cream.  (Soothing both the soul and the throat.)
Have you made ice cream with snow?  You just use snow in the outside of your ice-cream maker, instead of ice.  It works perfectly.  (There is also this method, which you can do without an ice-cream maker.  I've done it, a long time ago, and it's fun.)  After making the custard (you may recall the recipe here) I just turn all the work over to the boys, who love such responsibility.
Seb thought the snow needed to be harvested from the VERY CENTER of the yard.  And he did get a coat on after this, in case you're worrying.

This is the creamiest ice cream ever.  I love these graceful swirls.  So beautiful!

And thus everyone was cheered up immeasurably.  Hooray!


  1. Great flowers!! Lovely color!! Ice cream. Sounds wonderful in concept. But too cold for me today, darn it. I love your family.

  2. SOmetime you should try making your recipe with egg nog instead of the cream. Add a little extra nutmeg and yum. Try it, it's good.


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