The hyacinths in my yard are pretty this year.  I like the yellow and orange ones.

Aaaand . . . I don't have anything else to say.  Except wouldn't it be awesome if you got to heaven and God told you, "All of your bad behavior was caused by hormones and all of your good behavior was a result of your own good choices.  Frankly I'm amazed you weren't grumpy MORE often!"

I'm not holding my breath for such a conversation, though . . .


  1. I agree. With the conversation. And I love hyacinths (hyacinthi? I still say "toothbri," thanks to you . . .). Speaking of that lovely word, you have seen Wives & Daughters, right? Have you read it as well? It is delightful.

  2. AMEN! How can it be fair to be given hormones and not get a automatic free pass because of them? Seriously.
    And the hyacinths are amazing. They're gorgeous.

  3. I'm totally willing to hold my breath for that conversation. I've been pregnant. And postpartum. All I need is menopausal and I'll have the trifecta of perfect excuses.

  4. I think hyacinths look plastic. They're too perfect. They look - unreal, so solid, so succulent (in the plant sense). But no preformed human made flower could ever have such color.

    I want to sit in on the conversation. I want to know how it all really works and worked. I don't even HAVE hormones anymore - but fatigue and constant worry should count.

  5. No. wait. Not plastic. They look like wax sculptures.


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