The Accusor

I don't know what I ever did to deserve this, but a lot of the time when Daisy gets mad, she gets mad very pointedly AT ME.  She looks around to wherever I am in the room and then she cries at me.  Accusingly.  (Some of my other babies did this too, which is how I know that it's worse when they can crawl: then they follow you around and cry at you.)  It's like she thinks that I, specifically, am the one who could help her, and that I am deliberately not doing so.  (Which I guess is true, sometimes.*)

I hope your conscience is clear as you look at these pictures, because otherwise how could this face not give you a twinge of guilt?
This poor child!  Will no one help her?  Have you no HEART?!

*That reminds me that Sam and I had an idea for a business we want to start.  It will be done by phone, like a 1-900 number type of thing, and it will be for parents who have a hard time telling their kids 'no'.  Since we are, apparently, quite heartless, and have no problem at ALL telling kids no (even if they are STARVING or SO TIRED OF DOING THAT or whatever), we would provide that service (for a fee) for other people's kids.  We'd be the bad guy so the parents didn't have to.  "I know you want a snack, dear, and I can see you ARE hungry . . . let me just  get Marilyn on the line and we'll ask her. . . "
"I'm hungry, I want something to eeeeeat!"
"But I'm starrrrrving!"
"Too bad!"
And so forth.  Do you think it has potential?


  1. I would be interested in your service. Would it matter that my calls would be at 2:47 in the morning when Maggie wakes me up crying for juice? You could handle such an instance, I'm sure. Or maybe you could also sell WWMD? bracelets so that at early hours when you and Sam couldn't be bothered we could look down at our bracelets and think "What Would Marilyn Do?" And it would give us the courage to say "nope" ourselves even when Maggie begins SCREAMING "BUT I WANT IT! I FIRSTY! I FIRSTY FOR JUICEY BABA!"

  2. According to Max, it will take years of therapy to overcome the hardship that is his life. And if you listen to Sophie I'm "ruining her life." A little early for that, I thought.

  3. Those pictures are PITIful!!! Max has done that to me a few times and I hate it, even though it does amuse me too.
    Get me in on the 1-900 number thing. I'm really good at saying no. And I'm good at saying no to kids I'm babysitting. The good news about that is that they don't come back very often. Haha.

  4. Oh, this reminds me of when Max told me I had ruined his birthday. If Daisy could talk she'd be saying the same I'm sure.

  5. I could give you some competition, but I've grown tired over the years. And of COURSE she's blaming you - she didn't ASK to be born!! (Or DID she now???)


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