A Year of Theodore

Oh, Theodore, or "Fee-doe-doe," as Goldie would say. We love him so much. Here he is every month during this first year of his life. Obviously, in the last picture, he doesn't WANT to lie down by that bunny, and doesn't know why I would ask him to do so. Poor lamb.
He had a good birthday. He and I shared the birthday cake Sam made. Yum!
He's the baby who has everything, so we didn't get him any presents—just wrapped up his blankie in a box for him to open. Abe was so scandalized that I would do such a thing! I thought it was a great idea. Teddy liked finding his blankie in that box.
And here he is helping Sam put a chair together and trying to bite a vertical(ish) bar—an important milestone which every baby should achieve!

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  1. Crazy to see those month shots -- how sometimes he won't seem to have changed much at all in a month, and other times he seems to have morphed into a totally new, older person. That first year is pure nuts!


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