Portraits of Malachi

Malachi is such a little man. He uses big words and never shies away from asking (or telling) about complicated concepts. He gives you a sly sidelong glance when he says something funny (but keeps a straight face). He raises his eyebrows at you skeptically when he suspects you're pulling his leg. Sometimes I think he's so much older than he is! And yet, he is the silliest of sillies when he wants to be. When you tickle him or when you tell him a joke, he erupts in guffaws that often totally incapacitate him. He will literally fall over laughing. 

When I was taking his pictures, I asked him to tell me about how the heart and circulation work (we're learning about it in school). He gave me a detailed and accurate summary of both the pulmonary and the systemic loops, interspersed with TOTAL SILLINESS like "and then the GERMS come in saying 'hee hee hee'!" What am I going to DO with this boy? Just hug him, I guess.

(See also: Malachi at four, Malachi at three.)

And then the school bus went by…

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  1. He's one of my favorites. But then, I don't know which of your children I wouldn't say that about. I've been so fixed on people long dead for the last three years - four years? I have lost track of the ones who still are around to fall down laughing. I wish every child could have a mother and father like your children have.


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