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I like it when I drool in my sleep. I always have. Even in high school and college when I would fall asleep in class and wake up with drool on my desk. I know that seems weird—I should have been embarrassed. But I think it's just that it shows such utter relaxation. It pleases me, upon waking, to realize that I was ever so completely relaxed. I'm more likely these days to wake with a clenched jaw and sore muscles, so I especially appreciate a relaxed sleep when I get it!

My children took a violent dislike to "Les Schwab Tire Co." sometime in the distant past. It seems a bit unfair (he didn't choose his name, after all—though I guess he did choose to make it his company name) but there it is. Whenever we drive past a store or a truck bearing the "Les Schwab" name, there are invariably several snorts of disgust and choruses of "Les Schwab, ha!" and other dark mutterings. Poor Les Schwab. I can't help but feel for him, whoever he is.
Speaking of names, we came across an almost perfect one in Wodehouse recently: the businessman J. Chichester Clam. I can't stop saying it to myself. J. Chichester Clam.

Whenever I hear about "the lake effect" I always correct it in my head to "the dreaded lake effect." This is wholly due to a science video I saw in grade school which so referred to it. For years and years I thought "the dreaded lake effect" was the official name of the phenomenon, which makes me hope it wasn't a topic that I talked about very often. I wonder about that school video now. Was it trying to be funny? Or is the lake effect truly so "dreaded"?

We've been planning for summertime earlier than ever this year because Sam has several workshops abroad. I think I'm going to get to go with him to a couple of them, and I'm SO excited! It's surprising how much fun it is to have something to look forward to. I'm not unhappy with our everyday routine; in fact, I like it, but having something different ahead gives me a little spark of excitement every time I think of it. I'm especially excited to go to London, where I lived for a few months while I was in college. I just keep thinking about all the places I loved and how I felt when I was there, all grown-up and truly on my own for the first time. It will be interesting to go back all these years later and see if any of those feelings return.
Bunnies have eyelashes, you know.
Some recent bon mots:

  • Junie: Mommy, today I want my M-E-L-C-T-H-I. [Pause.] I don't actually know how to spell "tutu."
  • Me: There are only three more hours left in the year.                                                             Junie: And then we'll die?
  • Goldie: [at Costco] *gasp* Look, a toilet! Mommy, I would LOVE to sit on that toilet!
  • Daisy: Hi, snowman. Somebody made you.


  1. I'm excited to hear about your upcoming trips! One of them is to the exotic city of Des Moines, right?

  2. I fell asleep for a minute on Sunday afternoon and woke up with drool. That so rarely happens. I couldn't believe I'd so fully zonked out for those few precious moments.

    And I loved "And then we'll die?" Hahaha. Anders is always thinking final things like that.

  3. Oh! And London! Plus maybe MORE get always? With no Teddy this time?? Dreamy! Mike keeps getting so sad about it, like I'm trying to make him despair, but I think there is a high probability we won't have another trip for years together. Just so many babies. No parents who can watch them really. Ay yi yi. I shall just have to explore the fun of trips vicariously through you. Though I won't tell Mike. I don't think vicarious will cut it for him. :)


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