I haven't the foggiest, Fogg

We've had so much fog—and smog, I guess, or a mix of them, which is hard to coin a word for as "smog" is already a mashup. Perhaps smgog? Sfmog? Anyway, the smog lingers while the fog comes and goes, so there must be something different happening. 
I love the fog and I get excited every time I go outside and feel that damp, misty presence in the air—like someone watching you. I love the way the temple disappears until you get right up next to it, and the way the fog curls and comes around the tree branches like moonbeams. 

I like the fog at night when it makes the streetlights orange and everything feels slightly foreboding. But I might like it even more in the daytime. It's so surprising, and disorienting, to look outside and see all the landscape faded receding into that soft, grey light! I'm always a bit disappointed when the fog lifts and everything reappears and you realize there's nothing magical or mysterious out there, after all.
Fun to play in while it lasts, though. Goldie, of course, was running around a tree and chanting some song.
She was so light she was skimming around on top of the snow without ever breaking through.
Little elephant-bunny!


  1. I love these fog pictures so much, and I love fog too. Everything does seem so mystical and other worldly. We kept driving through patches of it on our way to Bear Lake Friday night. The cars coming towards us would just look like these round balls of light -- bright in the middle surrounded by a hazy outer circle. Also patches of fog (like the ones that settle more thickly in low spots in roads, etc.) always make me think of "hot steams" in To Kill a Mockingbird. Lost, wandering souls out to take mine too. Haha. Lastly, one time in Kindergarten I began walking to school in some fog. I couldn't see the school at all. I kept walking thinking it would materialize, but my steps got slower and slower and more and more uncertain as it failed to until finally I turned and fled home in terror.

    1. Your fog story freaks ME out! Did you ever make it to school at all? Poor little lamb.

    2. Haha. Yes. I think my mom was very sweet and hugged me and probably laugh cried at my predicament then drove me to school herself.

  2. That shot of the temple. I laughed. It looks just like my testimony. Just like my comprehension. And that makes me happy. It may not be clear and detailed, but it's still beautiful.


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