Here's what we (and by "we" I suppose I mean, "Sam, Abe, and Seb") gave our families for Christmas this year. We had Abe and Seb draw characters from our favorite children's books, as well as trees and mountains and flowers and other general scenery, and then Sam put all the pictures together and colored them and made them into one composition. Then, we sent the final picture in to some online store and they made it into a puzzle for us.

Here is the key (which parts of the picture are from which books, and who drew what). Click to enlarge. And if you aren't familiar with any of these books, you should try to find them--they are all ones that are fun to read over and over. All of us really like them.

It turned out really well, I think. And it's a fun puzzle, too. Sam tried to make all the colors and textures different enough that it wouldn't be too hard, and it turned out just right.

Is it kind of a weird present? I know some of the pictures are kind of strange. But I find it charming. One of our grandmas was really baffled by it, and even after 20 minutes of explanation she was kind of like, "But . . . why??" I think my Dad may have felt like that too. But, anyway, it was lots of fun for the boys to make (and for me to watch being made). :)


  1. That is so awesome. What a gifted gift you gifted. And don't worry about grandma. Our grandma doesn't get good stuff either. My favorite was when our Granny was watching all of us pay guitar hero and after 10 seconds she said "You paid money for this? We have better programs than this at our house."

  2. I don't think it's weird at all. In fact I think it's AWESOME and I love it! Kris's mom probably wouldn't have gotten it either--we've had the "why?" question from her quite a few times, and now I'm able to predict it pretty well.
    But anyway, I think it's so cool, and the boys are such great little artists!

  3. I agree that it's wonderful! Beautiful and meaningful--who could ask for more? And don't worry about Grandmas. When mine found out what I named my baby she said, "Max? Is that a good name now?"

  4. I really do want one of these. Can you order another and then mark it way up (by like, 200%) and then sell it to me, telling me that today you'll give it to me for 10% off? I like a deal, you know.
    We have puzzles. And you know what they feature? Crappy little puppies or kitties, both of which I'm allergic to. I'm not, however, allergic to A Woggle of Witches. It's one of my all-time favorite books of all time of all time of all time!


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