D is for Decathlon

Photography---several strong entries here, but the winner

was selected for its strong emotional impact.

Logo Design required contestants to design a logo for a carwash. Here are the entries. (Similar, aren't they? Even . . . suspiciously so. Yet drug tests came back negative, so there were no disqualifications.)

Here are the competitors chopping and cooking in preparation for the "recipe" part of the competition, which required them to make 2 crepe fillings, one suited for a main dish and one suited for dessert. Contestants used only ingredients already on hand. Sam stunned the competition with his Sautéed Chard, Mushrooms and Zucchini in a Lemon-Cream Sauce, topped with Cheddar Cheese and Crumbled Bacon. My own offering was Red- and Yellow-Tomato salad, drizzled with Olive Oil and Chopped Basil, and served on a layer of Fresh Mozzarella.

Dessert crepes ranged from the simple (glazed with lemon juice and powdered sugar) to the complex (fresh peaches with cinnamon-honey yogurt topping, drizzled with balsamic vinegar reduction and topped with Thai basil)

Bunny toss: the event began with the achievement of some spectacular height
s, and many thought the competitors were on track for one of the best events ever. But unexepectedly, tragedy struck when a bunny became lodged on a high ledge. The event was brought to an unceremonious halt.

The Diapering and Needle-threading events injected a much-needed spark of life into my competition . . .

but the Arm-wrestling and shadow-puppetry brought me back down to earth.

The joke event provided comic relief.

Then down to the most grueling event of them all.

Boggle: The race was a tight one, but in spite of a courageous rally while down 14 to 29, my hopes for a victory here were dashed (words such as "schooner" proved my downfall).

Final scores: Sam, 94.5; Marilyn 93.6
Congratulations to the winner!


  1. Could the two of you be any more entertaining and likable?

    I think not.

  2. I have several things to say about this.
    1. Your decathlon events reminded me of the Dwight Schrute commercial during the olympics.
    2. I really want those crepes. All of them. It reminded me of this delicious crepe restaurant in Hungary that I ate at twice in one day. It was a delightful restaurant full of free postcards, right in the shadow of an old castle on a hill. I really want all of those crepes. bad.
    3. I need to be your next door neighbor. double bad.

  3. Megan, there's a lovely hole next to our house just waiting for a house to be built in it. We'll save it for you. (Unless Beth gets it first)

  4. How in the CRAP are you guys so high-class?! Thai basil?! Balsamic vinegar reduction?!? Honey yogurt cinnamon what?!?!
    In comparison to your evening events I feel like I just crawled out of the mud and muck like the peasants in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
    Are we friends because I'm your service project? Trying to class me up a bit from my white trash beginnings?
    Really, this blog should be featured in the New Yorker or something.
    When they call you for an interview, mention my name...often. Tell them I likes them cartoons they drawer in there.

  5. Throwing stuffed bunnies is high class?

    I don't understand it, but I'll accept the status however it comes.

  6. I didn't know you had another blog! I looked at your facebook page and followed the link to this page. Cute! Cute competitions, but my favorite was your entry about "This is the one". Very sweet thoughts about your husband. I had fun reading!


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