Elder Uchtdorf's talk

Wow! Didn't you love Elder Uchtdorf's talk in the General Relief Society Meeting? I can't wait to read over it again, but two parts that stuck out to me on first hearing:
  • "Choose a space, and beautify it"---awesome---this sounds so possible. I can think I can do this.
  • "As daughters of God, happiness is your heritage." Beautiful. Like we can always count on happiness always coming back to us, no matter how far away it may seem at times. What a hopeful, encouraging doctrine.

I loved his whole theme of creation and compassion. I've actually been studying compassion in the scriptures lately, and maybe after I get a chance to read Elder Uchtdorf's talk again I'll write some more of my thoughts about that. Anyway, great talk! I'm always so grateful when we get to hear the prophets speak.

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  1. You have lovely thoughts, Marilyn. I love to read them. I just wonder where you get the time to write them down! I barely have time to tie my shoelaces. In fact, I have all slip on shoes! Thanks for sharing!


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