Hold on

I have found, in my many years of computer experience, that if one inadvertantly tells one's computer to do something that uninstalls the Ethernet connection, that there is apparantly nothing one can do about it without one's Windows Installation CD, and if one has packed it away in one of one's boxes, and one resorts to the drastic measure of cleaning out one's whole garage hoping to find it, but fails to, meaning the CD is either somewhere else in a mislabled box or in the depths of the cold storage or somewhere equally bleak, then, although one may access the internet occasionally on one's husband's laptop, one is out of luck if one wishes to post any pictures on one's blog.

On the other hand, when this occurs, one often gets more done around the house than one would otherwise.

Don't worry, though. I'll be back soon with a whole boatload of posts which I've been devising in my fertile little brain during these long, dark days.


  1. If I knew such a one as that I would pity them indeed. My deepest condolences. I hate not being able to find stuff. btw, have you seen our remote?

  2. Maybe I should disconnect my internet. I'd probably have time to vacuum the granola from the living room floor. But I wouldn't be able to . . . okay, I have no productive-sounding word for how I spend my time online. Good luck finding that box. I still haven't found the box with all my socks in it.

  3. I hope you get this resolved right quick. That's terribly frustrating

  4. Yeah, kind of has the same effect as dropping your computer on it's head, huh? Non-functionality is a real bummer.


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